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about me:

birthdate : 31st January 1984

I am the Alpha, I am the Omega.

I enjoy working with computers, and with new ideas - Especially with computers working on new ideas! I strive to learn from everything I do, and to simplfiy anything which is needlessly complicated. Finding new solutions to old problems, and fixing solutions where they don't work.

I enjoy showing others new things, and being shown new things by others, from the simple and mundane to the extravigant and exciting. Be it a new piece of technology which will change the world, or the fact that an ant is covered with tiny hairs. The world is a crazy unbelievable place, and you'll only ever notice it if you truly open your eyes.

This site exists as a marker, a reminder, a sign and a sandbox. It allows me to keep all the infomation I require in one place, easily accessed. It also allows me to experiment and see how things work, if things will work and what wont work. Hopefully it'll also allow me to find like minded individuals who tend to test their surroundings in interesting and different ways.

this site:

Hopefully it'll become a useful deposit of infomation to everyone, and also a history of what I've done/Tried/Failed/Broken and seen during my adventures.

I now have a blackberry! \o/ - My PIN is : 2216C113

http://images.milkme.co.uk is now live! I'm writting my very own php script to display the images and hopefully it'll work well ;D

The webserver is breaking! We are suffering lots of bad sectors on the HDD, I think a whole platter maybe dead! ALERT ALERT! - you can view the stats at webserver and see how its coming along. I plan to write up a bit of a page explaining exactly whats running the server at "some" point, hopefully with some nice stuff which can pull some live stats about installed programs, etc....